Phoenix equals awesome

26 05 2008

So you can find a lot of up-to-date blogs regarding real-time data streaming from the Martian Phoenix lander 100 million miles away right now. Just trying to get the hang of blogging, I don’t yet have the experience to play with the big boys.

What I find amazing about this is that for the first time in humanity we can watch a landing in this fashion. This is one of the coolest things our technology has ever brought us. To carry satellite signals with full narration to be broadcast across the world and re-distributed throughout the intertoobs without dissemination regardless of who acquires that information.
An event like this really draws all of us together as a planet. As though WE are doing something otherwise impossible unilaterally. As I’m typing this, the science channel just showed the reaction in the control center in Tucson from the touchdown. Too, too cool.



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