New Coolest Picture Of All Time

28 05 2008

So this is an absolutely incredible picture. This is what we humans have finally achieved. This is a photo of the Mars Phoenix parachuting into the thin Martian atmosphere as seen by an orbiting probe called HiRISE.

Phoenix against crater

You should really go to the link and read all about this awesome pic. The more you understand its significance, the cooler it is.




3 responses

30 05 2008
Nick Jones

Wait, whats that on the other side of the crater!? Oh dear, it appears that the martians are targeting the phoenix… Transmission lost. :( Hey on the bright side we didn’t confuse meters with feet this time! :)

30 05 2008
Lauren Fletcher

That is really amazing!

31 05 2008
Terry Johnson

Thanks guys! I’m glad you like leaving comments. Hopefully I’ll one day get enough readers to score comments on most of my posts.

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