Phoenix is on Twitter

30 05 2008

Okay, so I’ve written too many posts for one day already. I just caught this as I was checking my email for the last time today, so I thought I’d offer it up. Phoenix is on Twitter. Now the question is…what do the LGM who hijacked this thing have to say?

Actually, just as I dropped in to check it out there was a message about a shiny thing on the ground (probably a pin). It somehow made me excited that there might be some really cool discovery and the people who are reading these constant updates will find out first! In reality, these are mostly links to official news outlets like NASA, but written up in a unique style. You should definitely check it out, even if the sense of being in on a secret transmission soon thins.

Update:  I found this cool write-up this morning.  Thought it was funny/interesting.

“There’s a great piece in the Science section of Tomorrow’s New York Times about NASA’s artful use of Twitter to relay information to the people of Earth regarding the Mars Phoenix Lander.

The tweets were written in the first person, as if Phoenix the friendly spacecraft were sending out text messages to friends and fans. In part, that was to be more entertaining, Ms. McGregor said, but a larger reason was the austere limit of 140 characters per message imposed by Twitter, which turns tweets into a literary form akin to haiku.

JPL based Veronica McGregor has been playing the part of @MarsPhoenix on Twitter and she’s mastered the technique. Gathering almost ten thousand followers in a few weeks is only a small feat when compared to something like, oh, SENDING A ROBOT TO MARS. We’re very much enjoying the updates and looking forward to more.”




One response

2 06 2008
Nick Jones

Phoenix: ROFL! OMG I fnd some crzy ice n a crtr!

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