Discovery at ISS

2 06 2008

So I just watched the shuttle Discovery on NASA TV link up with the ISS a few minutes ago. Very smoothly done. This is the first of the last 10 missions the shuttle will take to the ISS. After these, all missions to the ISS will come from Russia, and the US will focus its attention on the Constellation program and the Moon.

This mission is also carrying a replacement pump for the ISS’s toilet. I can’t imagine what life has been like for the last week for those guys. heh. It’s interesting how much science is performed by such smart, skilled people but when a toilet breaks down it makes national news. Guess that’s what the media wants (or else understands…).



One response

2 06 2008
Nick Jones

ISS crewman: “Hey Vladimir, I dare you to sit on the toilet and flush it.
Vladimir: “Nyet!”
Crewman: “I’ll give you my dessert in a tube”
Vladimir: “Da.”
*slight whoosh followed by loud sucking noise*
Vladimir: “Crap…”

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