Why I Love Fred Schneider

3 06 2008

The dawn of alternative music came not in the 80s but the 70s. As disco was still spinning and glam rock was coming into its own, a couple of bands from Athens, GA verged upon the precipice of the great unknown. R.E.M. and the B-52’s each got their start in small clubs and grew into what was later known as “college rock”. Today we call it alternative. What alternative means to me is music that doesn’t pretend like we’re dumb. Here’s a quote I pulled right off the B-52’s website:

“…it’s great to get people thinking and dancing at the same time.” –Fred Schneider

To me, Fred Schneider is everything an alternative rock star should be. He is an absolute blast! Here’s some video goodness from last night’s Daily Show.

[Crud. Turns out wordpress won’t allow an embedded video from The Daily Show. I was about to have my first cool embedded video, but guess that’ll have to wait for another day.]

For those of you who look at him and think he’s well past his prime….well, he is. But he is a legend. And I love him.



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