Singin’ Captains

6 06 2008

So a comment left by Nick made me decide to post this. I’ve had it in my mind for days but didn’t really have the nerve until now. I wouldn’t recommend watching all of it, just enough to get a feel for it. Watching all of it may cause irreparable damage and I can’t be held liable for that. Please to be enjoying this song made famous by Sinatra and made famouser by this very modest gentleman.

On the other hand…If you would like to see this song done right in a touching manner, here it is performed by muppets.

Wow. I’m really getting into my video embedding, huh?




2 responses

8 06 2008
Nick Jones

Knowing those old muppet guys, I half expected them to end the song with, “Up yours Shatner!”, but the Muppets are to classy for that.

10 06 2008
Lauren Fletcher

This brings back really bad memories of my uncle singing at one of my grandmother’s birthday parties…
(He was no where near as good as Shatner)

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