The Bad Astronomer Goes Live

8 06 2008

Today, Sunday June 8, Phil Plait will have a live chat on IRC and streaming video of it at his website Here’s the link with all the information. He’s going to be mostly talking about all the cool stuff announced at the American Astronomical Society meeting in St. Louis last week. He does this from time-to-time and it’s usually pretty cool. Phil’s a nice guy in real life and someone I hope to sit down with again someday soon.

If you have a question about the goings on in the astrophysical world, here’s your chance to ask a real astrophysicist. Even if you don’t, you should at least tune in to watch. It’ll start at 4pm CDT.




3 responses

8 06 2008

Wow! That’s something to stay up for!

Thanks for the link – I’ll be able to catch about an hour of this before I have to go to bed. Now to think up some burning questions…


14 06 2008

Plait is going to speak at Governor’s School. Do you want the date of his lecture?

14 06 2008
Terry Johnson

That would be great. It’s been a couple of years since he and I saw each other. Wonder if he’s made any other plans for when he’s here?

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