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9 06 2008

So going on about daily life…

My big air conditioning unit started having issues last Thursday.  Friday the problems worsened and I determined that something was wrong with the blower motor.  But it was working sometimes and not other times, so I really don’t know what the problem is.  I decided to keep the system turned off though the weekend and take the motor to a professional today.  It was really hot this weekend!  Lucky I’ve got an attic fan to suck air through the house which kept things somewhat cooler than it could have been, but my family still spent more time outside than we have in a long time.  I traced the problem to either a capacitor or the motor itself (one way or the other something was getting hot and kicking off) and since the capacitor is far cheaper to replace, determined that it MUST be the problem.  Heh.  Nonetheless, the whole motor assembly is in the hands of a repairman today.

Now for something I swore I’d never blog about:  food.  I absolutely hate it when people blog about food (sorry Jeremy).  I’ve stopped reading several blogs because they wouldn’t stop writing about it.  Now, I’m going to break my rule, but for good reason.  Many of you know my affinity for tea.  In fact, I rarely go anywhere without my near legendary green plastic tea tumbler.  It is the reason I’ve now had five kidney stones.  I’m not into flavored teas, though.  I’ve tried many different flavors, but I like plain black tea the best.  Lately I’ve been drinking green tea and sometimes I like tea with vanilla flavoring, but that’s it.  I’ve also tried mint tea many times and never really liked it.  Until now.

I’ve grown a spearmint plant this year.  It didn’t look too healthy at first and I thought it might not make it, but now it looks great and is growing super fast.  A few nights ago (in the sweltering heat) I got a few leaves off the plant and put it into my boiling tea.  It flavored an entire gallon.  Just right.  It was so good that I’m going to be making mint tea for the rest of the summer.   I was afraid that no one else in my house would like it and I would be forced to maintain two tea pitchers from now on, but everyone approved.  It’s the little things that can sometimes balance out the big things.

So here’s a question for you guys.  I’m not sure if any of you *want* to read about personal stuff.  I’ve noticed that when I write about astronomy and music I get a lot of ‘perusal’ traffic.  But my personal stuff doesn’t get that many hits (which makes a lot of sense to me).  For the regulars, do you care about my personal stuff?  If you’d like to hear more about boring stuff like this, leave me a comment about that.  If you want me to stick to cool stories and current events, let me know that too.  If I don’t get a lot of votes for personal stuff, maybe I’ll just email my dailies to those people personally.  :o)





5 responses

10 06 2008

I like both…personal and events (current or not). Keep up the good work on the blog…I’m kind of thinking about one myself, how would that make me look? LOL…but so far everything you have written has been entertaining or nonetheless informing. The personal stuff to me, I don’t know about others, makes me feel like we are still keeping in touch, even though it is just you doing the talking (wait what’s new about that, that’s how almost all our conversations went). In Christ, Antoinette

P.S. See I could have my own blog…I keep writing about pointless nothingness like the rest… Sweet dreams

10 06 2008
Nick Jones

I’m a big fan of both, and right now it seems to me that you’ve got a good balance going on. I think its a great way to keep up with you. I mean didn’t we spend half a day everyday in physics hearing you go on and on about your life. In all seriousness though “Stay the course pal”

10 06 2008
Lauren Fletcher

I’ve been hearing your really cool stories, like that time at the metallica concert with a jar of pennies or having a water gun fight on the Hendrix campus using a joy dishwashing liquid bottle, for years, so i totally love them! but it’s really nice to hear the personal stuff too! I’m in favor of them both, and I really want some of that tea!!!

10 06 2008
Trey French

i like everything you write. personal stuff is always cool cuz it is interesting and kinda to me means you are friends with me and that is awesome. also all of the random things are cool. ive read everything on your blog. and i really want some mint tea now. i need to grow me a mint plant. keep up the bloggin broseph.

11 06 2008
Jenny T.

I’m sticking with the rest on this one. I like it both. You’ve always got very informative blogs when it’s current events and I definitely enjoy reading those, but the personal stuff always has some new information or exciting story. Keep ’em both! Plus, you’re much more regular in writing posts than quite a few of the blogs I keep up with, so it’s nice to have some entertainment :)

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