Vacation vs. Life

9 06 2008

So my family made some last-minute plans to go to Branson for the next couple of days.  That was before Geneva’s dad had a motorcycle accident.  He hit some gravel that was dropped on the highway by a dump truck and was trying not to flip his bike.  That’s when his leg got caught underneath some part on the bike itself.  It shattered his right leg below the knee.  He’s in surgery now and the doctors are telling us he won’t be able to work for three months.  Now comes the tough part for us:  Do we go on to Branson after he’s out of surgery and doing better or do we stay here and be responsible members of the family?  He’s got plenty of family members around who can help take care of him, and it’s not like we’re not coming back, but right now Geneva feels that she should be doing all she can to help.  And going off on vacation right now could be viewed as caloused.

[surgeon just walked in…]

Okay, so here’s what the surgeon just said.  He seriously shattered his leg bones.  They had to wrap a metal plate around the front of his shin bone, and from the x-rays it appears to me they put eleven (11) screws in it to hold it on!  They also had to cut into the fascia (that fibrous stuff that wraps around your muscles) to reduce pressure so he wouldn’t lose his whole leg.  Now he’ll have to have more surgeries to repair that.  That means he won’t be going home for a few more days. 

This actually takes some pressure off of us.  If he had been going home, say, tomorrow then we would have certainly wanted to be here to help him.  The doctor just said he wouldn’t be having another surgery for a few days.  This means that he won’t be going anywhere (or needing us) until sometime after that.  So I’ve just made reservations at a hotel for the next couple of nights for my family and my parents.

 Wonder if Geneva can clear her head enough over the next couple of days to enjoy herself?





4 responses

9 06 2008

Oh My! I hope everything is going to be okay… It’s amazing he avoided flipping the bike. Try to have a relaxing vacation – I know it’s not going to be easy.


10 06 2008
Trey French

I’m sorry bro. That is very unfortunate. Everything will be fine im sure.

10 06 2008
Nick Jones

My condolences. It always hardest to have a crisis when you know that there’s nothing you can do to help because you feel like you need to. I’m sure everything will work out just fine.

11 06 2008
Jenny T.

Oh wow! I’m glad he’s relatively okay. I hope everything goes well for you guys and that he has a speedy recovery. You’re in my prayers!

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