Now you see that evil will always triumph…

18 06 2008

I’ll jump straight to the relevant video spot.

Pay attention to the beginning. That’s right. It claims that a single missile can take out all satellite-based communication in the U.S. ‘Cause, y’know, we’ve only got the one satellite. Great, now our enemies know about it. Way to go loud-mouths!

Tip ‘o the spacey hat to Wired’s Noah Shachtman




2 responses

18 06 2008
Nick Jones

I saw that commercial and had pretty much the same though. Air Force is just trying to look cool like NASA but its not working.

19 06 2008

Air Force Space Command: Because We’re Closer.

I’m really interested to see what the Air Force plans to do about satellite-killing missiles. Seems to be that, aside from the Airborne Laser (which takes the prize for most kick-ass name given to any US military weapon) the Navy has been doing all the midair missile blowy-uppy stuff.

Other news: I heard a story on NPR that Little Rock AFB is a possible location for the Air Force Cyber Command.

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