Dance Dance Revolutionary

23 06 2008

And they say you can’t fix the environment and pick up chicks at the same time…

Here’s something interesting making headlines around the net — an eco-friendly nightclub in England. The guy who’s funding this is an uber-wealthy properties owner with a bit of an eccentric side. According to him, this is a “sexy and fresh approach” to saving the world.  Here’s the skinny:

Now for the rest. The club will also sell organic spirits in polycarbon cups and use recycled water in the bathrooms. Plus, even though there’s a £10 cover charge they’ll waive it for anyone proving they walked or cycled there.

I don’t know if the club has a name yet, but the parent company is called Club4Climate. The club opens July 10 and has already got people upset. “Upset” you say? Well of course people are upset! New = scary doesn’t it??? The international organization Friends Of The Earth is refusing any donations from the owner on accounta the club will encourage more international flights. That’s right… people are going to jump in their Lear jets and rush off to foggy England in a tizzy to visit this club. The dumbosity abounds.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I start showing a girl my awesome moves on the dance floor, the last thing I need is the floor moving around. Not only that, but what if not everyone knows how to jump up and down at the same time? Maybe they need to hire some coaches to train people to use the floor properly. Yeah, that’s the ticket. ‘Cause the guy who can dance on a moving surface always gets the girl.

Hey, it worked in Teen Wolf.




One response

24 06 2008
Nick Jones

Yeah I can see things going really badly when they dj plays the cha-cha slide, and every does “x# of hops this time”. “The batteries can’t take much more cap’n!! They’re breakin’ oop!” But that is a really cool idea. Would he crystals wear out and have to be replaced from time to time though?

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