What if The Batman took on Sub-Zero?

26 06 2008

I know what you’re thinking… That would rock! When’s it coming out?

Turns out you’re not alone in your love of geeky violence.

As has been heavily reported on, the developers at Midway are creating MK vs. DCU in which they’ll place DC superheroes into the Mortal Kombat arena. This is a game I could definitely get into.

If you look at the FAQs (updated just last week) on the Midway website you’ll read that they’re not going to have fatalities. This, to practically everyone, seems like a good way to ruin this game before it can even launch. But in an interview with Gamespot (posted yesterday), MK creator Ed Boon claims that he has no idea how the rumor of no fatalities got started — because it just wouldn’t be Mortal Kombat without them. So why, after his interview, does the FAQ still claim no fatalities? The FAQ is actually maintained by fans and not the company, so they’re going on previous interviews and speculation. We’re going with the creator’s words!

The folks over at DC are pretty insistent that the game have a T-rating. MK has always been rated M. The finishing moves are just too violent for many of the DC characters, especially Superman. To bridge this disparity some of the DC characters have “brutalities” instead of fatalities. I have no idea what that means other than their opponent gets to live.

So how do you deal with the indestructible Superman without introducing a second indestructible character? You weaken him with magic, of course. Superman is not only vulnerable to Kryptonite and red suns, but to magic as well as was revealed back in the 40s (maybe earlier, but my memory fails me). This actually became a small point of discussion in the 50s during the federal trials that brought about the Comics Code… but I’m off subject.

There is a sweeping storyline written by comic book veterans Jimmy Palmotti and Justin Gray. The story is told from both sides with the other side seen as invaders. I’m assuming this will help explain Superman’s weakened state.

What really has me excited about this game (other than the cool crossover aspect) is the stage interaction. You can knock your opponent through walls and off ledges. Yes, you could knock them off ledges in the past but this time your character follows them down and continues fighting during freefall with an extended set of special moves. Plus when the characters get hurt you can actually see tears in their clothing and cuts on their bodies. We’ll hope the game meets the hype.




2 responses

26 06 2008
Nick Jones

That is by far the most amazing fighting game I have ever seen. I know what I’ll be “studying” next semester at college. The stage interaction is something I’ve always been saying was needed. I get so tired of fighting in a box sometimes, but never to tired to actually stop of course. That would be crazy.

28 06 2008
Trey French

SUPERMAN F-ING RULES!!!! i dont care, no one can beat up superman. well except maybe his wife. this is really awesome i cant wait. i have every single superman movie and even the cartoon Doomsday. i love superman. enough being a dork. *cough*cough* Ah yes this game shall be really brutal and…ah lots of manly stuff will ah..happen. (said in deep manly voice)

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