IPS ’08

28 06 2008

I’m in Chicago for the International Planetarium Association conference. YAY! I read about the conferences that other geeks go to. Phil Plait goes to TAM. Wil Wheaton goes to PAX. Everyone else goes to Siggraph or E3. Well, I get to go to IPS!

What will I see here? The newest visual rendering technologies tied to the newest projection technologies. This is the stuff I love. I promise to keep you all apprised of all the coolness that happens. E&S has promised some new ideas in creative teaching techniques under a domed environment and several other companies, like 3DMirage, Spitz, Sky-Skan, Minolta, and Zeiss, are going to be showing off their creative visions.

The immersive theater may not truly exist in Arkansas today, but one day our culture will grow enough to catch up with the rest of the country and much of the world. Yes, one day we too will have awesome technology like Mississippi. :-P

And when that happens I shall be the first to view it! Do you dream in electric Technicolor?




2 responses

29 06 2008

Keep us posted – you know how much us geeks love that planetarium talk!


30 06 2008
Trey French

i dream in all kinds of colors. and sometimes even…yea you guessed it….fuchsia. i also hear motion. can you do that?

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