What’s the resolution of real life?

28 06 2008

So there’s this long-standing joke amongst digital producers about how many pixels a projector would have to push before the pixels just disappeared. Last night I found out!

Sky-Skan has developed a multi-projector system in conjunction with Sony to produce an 8k x 8k image at 60,000 lumens! For the life of me I couldn’t see the individual pixels from 30 feet. And the image was so bright that at one point Steve Savage (president of Sky-Skan) had us to look at the moon, but I couldn’t because it was near the blindingly bright sun! It was absolutely beautiful and I would love to see it in a permanent set-up instead of a quick, thrown-together conference setting.

I understand that the projectors are a quarter of a million dollars less than $150,000 each and the system requires 4 computers per projector, but I’m a little blurry on those details. I’ll get the correct info and update this post ASAP. I just wanted to get in a quick line to let you know the hotness I witnessed on the first day.

Speaking of the first day…after the plane ride and the way-too-long shuttle ride to the hotel and checking in and registration and seeing old friends and the rest of the headaches that go along with “first day” stuff (which, BTW, actually gave me a pretty good headache) the conference kicked off by transporting us all to the Adler and holding us there until midnight! But they did give us a super-awesome dessert bar around 11pm with WAYYYY too much sugar.

And I got to enjoy that dessert bar with someone I haven’t seen in a long time, Waylena McCully, and I got to meet her cool husband, Jeff. What was really cool was that Waylena and I started reminiscing about working together in Tennessee and we rehashed a lot of the crap we had to put up with from our boss. A lot of stuff I had forgotten. For those who know Aaron Christie, Jeff sounded exactly like him (Jeff is a programmer for Mathematica). I’ve got to find a way to get those two together for a nerd-off. ;o)

More as I see it.




3 responses

28 06 2008
Nick Jones

That planetarium is AWESOME! I’d love to see that. Its kind of sad though because my second thought was “Imagine the rockin’ show they put on int that beast!”

29 06 2008

Wow – do you think that’s really safe? I mean, when Aaron and I get together, I feel space-time stretching uncomfortably in the presence of a dense Geek-field. Sounds like Jeff and Aaron might actually rupture it.


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