Buying star names is dumb

9 07 2008

So I haven’t yet blogged about the International Star Registry idiots who take suckers’ money to print meaningless certificates, but I guess I just get out-of-breath after a while. Plus, not many people ask about them in the summer. It’s just during the Christmas season that most people want to shell out bucks without a sliver of commonsense.

Well, the folks at UserFriendly have penned a hilarious strip in honor of all those who wish to sell whatever they happen to think people will give them money for!

Click image for full \'toon.

Click image for full 'toon.

Go on… click it!  You know you want to.




3 responses

9 07 2008
Trey French

hahahahaha this is so retarded. why buy something you can only hold a certificate for? but i will say that scarlett johansson is really sexy in my opinion and i might just adopt her oxygen molecule ; ) haha

10 07 2008
Nick Jones

Your funny comic reminded me of this one

This is from back when “Get Fuzzy” was really good. I looked through about 3 years of database to find it so ya’ll best like it!

p.s. Trey I’ll go halvesies with you!

10 07 2008
Terry Johnson

That was a really good Get Fuzzy. I hadn’t seen that one. Thanks, Nick!

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