Biology or Physics?

12 07 2008

Here’s a cool website I stumbled across… Biology or Physics?

Can you tell what this is?

You get a selection of 12 images and you have to select which category of science it fits in — the gross, slimy, moving one or the cool, mathematically predictable one!  :o)

Not to brag, but I scored a 12/12.  How nerdy are you?  Be honest when reporting your score in the comments!




7 responses

13 07 2008

11/12… Missed the one with Mike Latz in it.

Good find! I’m going to make all my physics buddies take this


13 07 2008
Nick Jones

I too got 11 out of 12. I missed the dust knots in the Helix Nebula.
That was a lot of fun. Thanks for the link.

14 07 2008
Mary Hiller

Woo hoo! I wasn’t too sure about some of them, but I got all 12!
What’s my prize?
And I’m pretty sure you found out at IPS just how amazingly nerdy I am.

I am a BANANA! – You’re watching the Family Learning Channel. ;-)

14 07 2008
Terry Johnson

Glad to have you here, Mary! Here’s the real quiz…who can figure out what awesome clip Mary’s quoting? Hehe.

14 07 2008
Nick Jones

What else but ‘MY SPOON IS TOO BIG!” Trey and I are the Banana guys! Though we have never met I too greet Ms. Hiller warmly (with as much authority as a consistent commenter grants me [very little, but I see no reason not to be cordial and make massive run-on sentences]) and compliment her on her video preferences, and nerd score.

19 07 2008
Mary Hiller

Why thank you, Mr. Jones! What a nice welcome from both Terry and yourself. Can I be a banana girl? And I thoroughly enjoyed the run-on sentence.

19 07 2008
Nick Jones

You are more then welcome, and welcome to be a banana girl. I must warn you though, there is the great responsibility to shout “I am a BANANA!” at very random and sometimes awkward moments. Johnson thanks for the communication pathway. I hope this little back and forth hasn’t caused too much confusion.

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