Pagan Poetry

13 07 2008

Sometimes I find myself obsessing over a single song. It’s not like simply having a song stuck in your head — I get to the point of frantically searching the web looking for different live versions and remixes and covers of the song by other bands and whatever else might give me my fix.

Tonight I kept repeating this line to myself:

On the surface simplicity

But in the darkest pit in me

is pagan poetry.

I couldn’t get it out. These are lyrics from the song Pagan Poetry from Bjork’s album, Vespertine. What brought this on was I was testing out some new recording software and listening to my slacker channel when it randomly picked this song. I had more tests to run on the software, but it was too late. I spent the better part of an hour scouring YouTube for live performances from various venues. Even found an *awesome* live version from Letterman (he’s an absolute idiot sometimes) that I was going to post here, and then I found this:

YouTube is definitely my friend. This is a video that some people created as an experiment. It has some decent compositing with really bad effects, but the spirit of the video comes through. I think it would be a lot of fun to make one of these with friends someday.

Bjork really is a polarizing artist, with her odd stage presence and non-standard musical style (who puts a harp in a rock song?). For most every listener she’s either amazing or annoying, but that’s what makes any artist stand out. If you sound unoriginal then is the music coming from inside you or from your environment? What I love most about her is her deeply moving lyrics. You should go here, click on Vespertine and then Pagan Poetry, and read along with the video. Trust me, you won’t understand her without doing this. And since this post started out with the lyrics getting stuck in my head, I feel I should point you toward them. Enjoy.

[BTW, if you look up the original video to this song you may be surprised to discover that MTV banned it for a reason. You’ve been warned!]




One response

13 07 2008
Trey French

i liked the song and both videos and yea i totally understand why MTV would not play that video. and i do the exact same thing you do when you get a lyric in your head. just the other day i had Spirits in the material world by the police repeating over and over again in my head i listened to it, and watched videos for like over half an hour. i used to come home after school and immediately start listening to music for hours and hours. i still get particular songs that i just have to listen to over and over again.

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