Phoenix Team Briefs President…

2 08 2008

This just in: Universe Today is reporting that the Phoenix Team, who earlier this week confirmed (conclusively) that there is water on Mars, has briefed President Bush on a potentially shocking discovery. The team is keeping whatever they told Bush’s Science Staff a secret for now, but they have made it public that their news in no way indicates the existence of life — past or present. Right now they are simply confirming that really important news is forthcoming, maybe by mid-August, and that they are trying to confirm everything before the media blows up. And you know how that media is! They’ll scream Life On Mars! at every breath.

Still, one has to wonder what all the fuss is over. Ian O’Neill at Universe Today thinks it’s probably some valuable ingredient for a potential future Mars colony. Right now I couldn’t even wager a guess, but he’s probably not far off. Check out the full story here.

I love secrets! Heheheee!




3 responses

2 08 2008
Nick Jones

I’m surprised Mars wasn’t in the tabloids after they found it with that “white stuff”. Maybe this will make the news.

4 08 2008
Waverly Fabrics

It’s good that the question has finally been answered. However, it’s not all that simple. They’ve also found an oxidizing substance that they say is “detrimental” to us. We’ve got a long way to go before we can actually see a benefit in the red planet.

8 08 2008

I have to say, it kind of annoys me that someone like bush knows about the latest discovery on mars before we, here on the tubes, do.

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