New cool thing I’m too chicken to try

19 08 2008

Promise me that even though this looks like it would be totally cool and might actually get you noticed by that hot girl at the party and will certainly strike fear in the hearts of your enemies and could possibly make you legend within your class/department/social group that you will never, ever try this!

Well, if you can’t promise that could you at least promise to call me when you do try?




2 responses

19 08 2008
Nick Jones

Dude that is AWESOME! The guy is a real goober though. “yeah… that’s too hot to touch” REALLY?!? I will totally call you when I try that!

23 08 2008
Trey French

This was amazing. Yea Im going to show my physics buddies this and we will more than likely do it haha. Dr. Slaton would probably show up in the SPS office too and we could get him to help us. Im definately gonna do this at some point though. Its too cool and dangerous to not do it.

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