Art vs. Boredom

10 09 2008

This is an image of a piece of ‘art’ created by Michel de Broin for an exhibit in Montreal.

I am not impressed.

Since I know nothing of art I cannot comment on what this is supposed to mean.  It really doesn’t ‘speak’ to me, like some folks who know art can identify with.

Since I know nothing of art I cannot see how this relates to anything other than a monument to someone’s boredom.  Ahhhh, now boredom — that’s something of which I know about!

This is what you can do with a fair bit of boredom:

This is a creation constructed by several two physics students a couple of years ago while I was out to lunch.

Difficulty factor?  Not having pre-ordered, perfectly matching, factory-direct, single-style chairs.  That’s right, try this with a room full of student-used, bent-legged, top-busted, school desks and then add to that some teacher-engineered, student-mutilated, multi-styled, various-sized, lab stools and get them to stay put long enough for an entire class of physics students to play bounce-and-catch with a sack full of golf balls through the mess for over an hour!!!  Now that’s boredom!

Or maybe art.  I dunno.

[A special thanks to Trey French for providing this photo and the memories.]




3 responses

11 09 2008
Nick Jones

Bologna! “Several” my big toe! that was myself and Trey French, and we did it before you even go to school Mr. 1A prep period. That’s right! Trey and I got into HIS room played some Midnight Oil on HIS computer and built that whole tower in about 45 min. Then we sat in the dark and waited for him to get there. The look on your face was priceless! It spoke of utter amazement, but absolutely no surprise. Best morning ever.

11 09 2008
Terry Johnson

Hehe! I was wondering if one of you two would fix that story. Actually, I couldn’t remember if Lauren was involved the first time, so I said ‘several’. I’m really glad Trey had the original photo. Much more impressive than the ‘artistic creation’ that is museum worthy. Makes me want to say, “I’ll take one art, please!” Phhhbbbbtttttt.

11 09 2008
Nick Jones

Heh. Yeah, we’re pretty mischievously enterprising when we have a hour and a bunch quasi-standardized parts. I’ve got a photo with the “artists” or should I say “boredists” if you’d like that too. Since apparently you need reminding who built it in the first place.

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