LHC Video Goodness

10 09 2008

Good news, everyone!  Switzerland’s evil plan to construct a gigantic world-blower-upper (cleverly named the innocuous Large Hadron Collider) has failed!  And according to the folks at National Geographic we should all be very thankful to be alive!  Morons.

This video, created by CERN employee Chris Mann, is absolutely jaw-dropping.  Well, it was to me anyway.  It’s just an animation of the role of the proton in the big picture of the overall experiment, but the information given is really well done.  There’s a definite ‘wow’ factor that everyone who watches will feel about 2/3 of the way through.  Enjoy!




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10 09 2008
Trey French

How exactly did it fail? Were they not able to detect the particle movements after the collisions? Or by fail you mean that black holes were not created? i cant seem to find any information. Ill keep looking.

11 09 2008

This vid has proven to be popular even amongst non techies!

11 09 2008
Nick Jones

That is an amazing video. I can see how that would scare people, and how idiots would think that it might be a world blower upper, but how can you not see the freaking greatness of that?! Also, I don’t understand why we don’t just ask the Niblonians how the universe started.

12 09 2008
Mary Hiller

Huzzah for the LHC! Unfortunately, the biologists apparently have collider envy.

I just read an article where they are attempting to accelerate lifeforms to those speeds and collide them. They’re hoping to go as large as squirrels. If they need any test subjects, I’d gladly donate the ones that seem to enjoy nesting in my attic in the winter.

I hope I’m not breaking “blog etiquette” by doing this (I really am quite new to the whole blog thing), but if you want to read the article, here’s the link: http://www.bbspot.com/News/2008/09/squirrel-smasher.html

Yes, I like the name “Squirrel Smasher”. Very appropo.

12 09 2008
Terry Johnson

Mary, that is absolutely hilarious! The image is the best part. Now I’m kicking myself for getting beat to the punch coming up with that comedic genius! Thanks for the link.

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