The space between

15 09 2008

“And I am not frightened of dying, any time will do, I
don’t mind. Why should I be frightened of dying?
There’s no reason for it, you’ve gotta go sometime.”

These words were used on the songThe Great Gig In The Sky by Pink Floyd.  Richard Wright, the composer/pianist on that peice died today from cancer.

He had this method of writing music that defined the band for me.  He called it “the spaces between the notes.”  If you listen closely, your mind will fill in those spaces and you can hear music that was never played between the beautiful notes he laid down on tape.  It’s an amazing relationship between the artist and the listener.  To be able to hear something that no one else can.  Because you want it to be there.

When someone dies, what do you think fills the space?  Whatever it is, it can sometimes be louder than all that was said.

So to my Uncle Bill, who passed away last week, I’d like to say that there’s another silence far removed from the limelight of Time magazine and CNN.  His silence.

I shouldn’t write about death.  It’s happens all too often as it is.  Just some random thoughts of mine as the beautiful post-hurricane weather settles in and the world appears a little greener.




One response

15 09 2008
Nick Jones

I’ve heard that “space between” quote before, probably from you, and it is a really reassuring thought; that when something’s not there or stops being there, another thing will, some how, step up and fill that gap. Thanks for the uplifting post.

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