Physics Questions

11 10 2008

Speaking of questions…

While looking up science-y stuff I stumbled across this cool page.  The page itself looks pretty lame, but don’t judge it by its clipart graphics.  Maintained by the Physics Department at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, this page offers web-surfers some of the greatest physics questions asked of undergrads in multiple choice form!

Look hard and you might find one with a monkey.  And yes, they actually shoot it!

I feel happy all over just writing that!

[You know what I just noticed?  After propping their site I read the question regarding Olbers’ Paradox and their response.  It’s wrong!  They list several reasons that were proposed at some point, each with some real merit.  The one they claim is correct doesn’t hold water.  I’m going to write them tonight and see if they’ll make a correction.]




One response

12 10 2008
Nick Jones

The hunter “throws the monkey a banana” ;). What a great problem. You’re right though, if you can get past the horrible images, it really is a pretty cool site.

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