Well, this one goes to 11

12 10 2008

So this post is all about old recordings of live concerts — for free!

You all know Midnight Oil is my all-time favorite band.  Hands down.  Their separation is 2003 killed me.  I got to see one of their final concerts.  With the demise of the band we get a bit of a win-fall.  Bootlegs!  Not illegal copies of studio releases; recordings of concerts.  They are usually considered illegal for trading, but last week one of the members of the Powderworks group (the unofficial fan base for the band) contacted the old MO office and got permission from their manager, Gary Morris, for us to trade concert recordings.  Yay!!!  He said that as long as it stayed within our group it was okay.  And no money is to ever change hands.  That’s what’s so cool about them.  They know that our little group stood by them through every endeavor, and that our love for their music and philosophies goes beyond simple collecting.  I personally own about 15-20 concerts on cassette tape and digital formats, but there are some who have way over 100.  Already the trading has begun on the list.  We’ll see if any of the gems I’m interested in gets offered.  :o)

Also this week, I’ve discovered a website called Wolfgang’s Vault.  They have a ton of recorded concerts from last month all the way back to the 60s — all for your free listening pleasure!  You do have to sign up, but I haven’t received any spam from them yet.  They’re adding new shows every week, so hopefully some of the other obscure bands I listen to will get a bump.  If you go over there, make sure you check out this concert by U2 at Boston’s Orpheum in 1983.  The performance of October is haunting.  [wow.  I just realized how bad of a pun that was.  REALLY not intentional!]

Lastly, since I can’t seem to find any concert footage of the late, great FSF, I’m embedding this video from youtube.  So here it is, The Sound by Further Seems Forever.

This isn’t exactly a live show, but I remember the call for audience members when the video for The Sound was shot.  Back then Jason Gleason was the vocalist.  He took the place of Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional fame.   But where Jason went, nobody knows.  Not even the band.  Seriously.  One day he didn’t show up for practice.  The band tried calling to make sure he was okay.  Then they went to his apartment — nobody there.  After a couple of weeks MIA his manager calls up and tells them to stop looking for him and to sever all ties.  So odd.  IMO he had the best voice of any rock artist at the time.  I know I would drive a 1000 miles just to hear him belt out Pagan Poetry again!  Of course, I’d also drive a 1000 miles to watch a reunion show of original members Chad, Steve, Nick, and Josh.  I played this great game with them over pizza one night called “Kill Yourself”.  Maybe I’ll tell you about it someday…



5 responses

13 10 2008
Nick Jones

That trading concept is great. It just further proof of how cool Midnight Oil is. Wolfgang’s Vault is an incredible site! When I get some free time I’ll really have t check it out. Awesome Further Seems Forever video. I didn’t know that bout their vocalist… truly weird. And yes you will definitely have a story to tell!

13 10 2008
Terry Johnson

Nick, if I don’t say it enough…I really appreciate all the comments you post. I know I get quite a few readers, but they hardly take the time to say two words about the posts. Even if they disagree, think I’m a moron, or just wish I could write better, at least I could get some feedback. Which is actually the point of this whole blogging thing for my part!

So, thanks again!

14 10 2008
Nick Jones

Not a problem at all Johnson. I kind of got hooked over the summer because part of my job entailed waiting for 2 hour long computations to run their course. Now I just do it out of a fun habit. I’ll try and call you a moron more so those people won’t be afraid to speak their minds.

15 10 2008

And here I would’ve put money on being the only planetarian familiar with FSF. This is Mike from Baton Rouge; I briefly met you at SEPA in Atlanta. Having seen them with all three of their vocalists, I would agree that Jason was the best fit. Chris worked well too, but Jon, well that was just disappointing. I don’t remember where, but there’s video from the original lineup reunion performance at Bamboozle floating around the net. And you should look up Jason’s new band, Action Reaction. It’s him and a couple former members of Element 101. Musically different, but the voice is still there.

15 10 2008
Terry Johnson

Mike, it’s great to hear from you! And thanks so much for the info about Jason. You know I’m checking out Action Reaction as I type this. :o)

I first saw those guys in 1994 when they were the hardcore band Strongarm. Saw them with about 30 people total. Even though the crowd was small, they gave us a memorable performance. Followed them closely from that moment until the great break up. I always thought someday they’d go big.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the blog. I try to keep politics out of it and focus on whatever other random thing comes to mind. But like Nick said above, feel free to drop by just to see if I’ve waxed moronic.

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