…And I’m Not Old!

24 10 2008

I’m 37!

Another year has passed for me.  I don’t feel much different than last year.  I’m still a realist.  I still want to do something great.  I’m eternally angry at ‘the man’ and want to fight the system.  I can still sleep all night without rushing to the bathroom — sometimes.  I still feel the pull of the local concerts.

But I’m also at the point where I can *almost* yell at kids to get off my lawn in a very cliché sense.  I twisted my ankle three weeks ago and it still hurts.  My goatee is now half grey.  (Really, the right side is white-ish.  Looks creepy.)  I measure my energy as a function of my ability to yell at/play with my kids.

To steal a line from the great Stephen Wright:  How old do you have to be before you can die of old age?

My computer is placed in my office at home so that I can see out the window into the front yard.  I have lots of trees around, in particular several black walnut trees.  I’m not really fond of black walnuts, but my father is.  So, I’m going to redirect some of my kid-yelling energy toward cracking a bunch of these iron-clad walnuts over the next couple of months.  Right now I can see my three older boys walking around one of the larger tress, throwing the softball-sized nuts into a 7-gallon bucket.  They don’t have to pick those up, but they’re doing it because it’s something they can all do together, even though their ages are so different.  Their energy seems endless.

Miles played his best game of soccer ever last night.  Or at least that’s what I’ve been told.  I missed it because I had a thing at school.  I hate missing things like that.  More now than I used to.  I guess that’s something that’s changed in the last year.  I feel the urge to spend time with my boys more.  I think about how things will change the moment they turn 13.  And how much it’ll really change when they hit 16.

They’re gonna have a tough time moving that bucket when it gets full.  Think I’ll go outside and help…




7 responses

24 10 2008

Happy birthday!

Here’s an awesome little present that you may or may not be familiar with.

24 10 2008

BTW, click on “Experience It” at the bottom of the page to download the app. It’s a pretty amazing tool that you could probably get some use out of for your classroom.

24 10 2008
Terry Johnson

Oh yeah, Dave! That’s a wonderful tool. A rep from MS spoke at a planetarium conference last year as it was being introduced. I wish my school district would allow me to teach an actual astronomy course.

Thanks for the sentiment. I know it won’t be long until your age becomes a classic Monty Python joke, too!

24 10 2008

Indeed, the time will come for me too, but I’m prepared for the emotional violence inherent in the system. I will not be repressed!

24 10 2008
Nick Jones

I know that if I start…. the Monty Python will never end. I’m just gonna say happy birthday Johnson! And you’re not a woman.
There (http://www.geocities.com/knightsaysni/mp/grail.txt) I hope you’re happy.

29 10 2008
Mary Hiller

Happy Birthday, Terry! And you’re right; 37 is not old, not by a long shot.

5 11 2008
Trey French

Happy birthday home slice. 37 is not old at all and the fact that I, an almost 20 year old, called you home slice is a testimate to that. haha sorry it took so long to get to this. I am now, as a present, going to attempt to write your energy function as the euler-legrange (forgive me if it makes no sense, im new to this) L=(1/2)m*d/dt(your vector when your kids ask you to play) – mgh. where h is you getting up to yell at your kids. Haha, that probably made no sense, but I had fun writing it. Hope you enjoyed it and again, sorry for being so late in my response. Hope all is well.

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