Sunday Funnies

23 11 2008

So I’ve found a couple of funnies that I wanted to share.  The first one is now listed in my blogroll, Criggo!  Here’s an example of what you’ll find there…


If you look hard enough you might even find something from Conway’s Log Cabin Democrat.

Also, a little something I found in youtube land.  This is a literal version of A-Ha’s Take On Me, one of the greatest videos of all time!  The guy who made this did a really great job of recreating the sound — even the crazy vocals.  It sounds as professional as any Wierd Al parody.  Careful at the end, there’s a bit of cussin’.  :o)




5 responses

24 11 2008
W.E.B. Adamant

That newspaper clipping is pretty funny, but that video (which I’ve seen before) is pretty hilarious. I laughed almost all the way through.

24 11 2008
Nick Jones

The news paper clip is like reverse Stockholm Syndrome, and that video is hilarious! Thanks for making my Monday a little more tolerable

24 11 2008
Terry Johnson

Don’t waste your time looking for other cool literal videos. That one is not only the best, it eclipses all others I found. Waste much time I did.

I wish I had the time to make a running list of funny things like Wordsplosion or Criggo. But I’m so glad those sites exist!

25 11 2008

Funny you say that Terry, because I was here to post the Tears for Fears one, but, yeah… nothing could compare with Take on Me.

26 11 2008
Nick Jones

I’m a huge Futurama nerd. I know you know this, but here’s another “raisin” why: whenever DaveS comments, I’m reminded of “The Day the Earth Stood Stupid” when third prize, a party size keg of guinea pigs, went to Dave Spiegel and his owner, Fluffers.
My apologizes to you Dave if you do not relish the thought of your name sake being applied to a lowly man pet a thousand years from now.

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