Trick or Treat

23 11 2008

So I know this is coming WAY late… but I just found it.  From Nick Sagan’s blog, I present to you, THE BEST PUMPKIN EVAH!


For those who can’t tell, it’s the ever omnipresent Carl Sagan.  Which, for some people, might actually have been a very scary thing!  Hehe.




7 responses

23 11 2008

Exquisite. Thanks for sharing this!

24 11 2008
Nick Jones

I give them credit for the excellent shading, but as far as I’m concerned punkin carving is all or none. Part of the challenge is making a stencil lie design leaving no free floating parts. Using the skin is cheating.
“Pretty though”

26 11 2008
Terry Johnson

Yeah, Nick. I’m going to agree that making really cool cuts all the way through the pumpkin makes for a great carving. But I can’t think of any way you could illustrate a recognizable face that way. Hmmmmm. Maybe a challenge for you for next year?!?

26 11 2008
Nick Jones


29 01 2009

Ok, I know I said that through cut were the only way to go… but check this out!!
New best pumpkin EVAH!

29 01 2009
Terry Johnson

Wow! That looks so realistic!

Now, what is that again? Something out of Dr. Who or something?

30 01 2009

It’s a moon.

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