December 1 Conjunction

27 11 2008

My post on planetary conjunctions has gotten a lot of hits this month.  If you haven’t noticed, there’s a gorgeous alignment of the planets Venus and Jupiter coming up next week.  Plus, a very thin moon will hang nearby.

NASA published a webpage a couple of days ago outlining the event and describing it as the Sky Show of the YearYou should go there and read it. Pointing you to their webpage sure is an awful lot easier than coming up with one of my own.  :o)

Clear Skies!




5 responses

27 11 2008
Nick Jones

Between that and the solstice a couple of week later the druids will be out in full force. Best keep an eye on 20 ft. tall 10 ton stones.

1 12 2008
Nick Jones

Happy Conjunction!

1 12 2008
Terry Johnson

Yeah, looks like it might actually clear up here before tonight! Yay!

1 12 2008
Nick Jones

I totally did and the conjunction is beautiful! Anyone who reads this tonight is obligated as a human being to go outside and look up in awe at the night sky as we have done for thousands of years. Go!

4 12 2008

I live in Seattle. :-(

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