ST:TNG + Wheaton FTW

14 12 2008

Someone asked me the other day if I liked “that Star Track show.  Or movie.  Or whatever it was, it was old and stupid.”

Yeah, yeah I do.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from the minds of those who scripted Star Trek, both the original and TNG.  But there are far more important lessons just waiting to be told by those directly involved in its creation.

I can’t recall if I’ve ever written about this before, but rather than search through old posts looking for a small reference, I’ll just mention it now as though it’s all new.  Several months ago, Wil Wheaton wrote his last ST:TNG episode review for  If you have never read any of his epic geeky essays, this is something that should definitely turn you on to them.

A couple of years ago he was approached about writing these reviews in which he alternates between dissembling the character details and plot and reminiscing over his participation and other memories.  He selected various episodes from the first season and tore into them.  What you’ll find therein can totally kill an evening, but it is SO worth it.  Awesome stuff.

Here’s an example:

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Datalore

Title: Datalore
Original Air Date: January 18, 1988
Teleplay by: Robert Lewin and Gene Roddenberry
Story by: Robert Lewin and Maurice Hurley
Directed by: Rob Bowman
Episode: S01E013
Stardate: 41242.4

Synopsis: After dropping off a bunch of Human Horn for Lurr in the Omicron Persei system, the Enterprise cruises into the nearby Omicron Theta system, to pay a visit to Data’s home planet.

Omicon Theta was once a farming colony, but all the colonists — and everything they once grew — were all gone when Data was found. Oh! A mystery! Riker leads an away team to the planet’s surface in an effort to solve it. (In a scene that was cut from the final episode, the USS Mystery Machine showed up, and captain Fred said, “Dang.” before it flew away to the Scary Old Amusement Park galaxy.)

Start here and pick out any episode you feel attracted to.  Then read the rest of them.  See, how would you waste an evening without me guiding you?




5 responses

15 12 2008

You’re a horrible person. I have a chemistry final tomorrow. Oh well. Now I’ll have something to do on my study breaks.

15 12 2008
Terry Johnson

Bwahahaha! Once again, evil triumphs!

Seriously, the moment you start reading one of those reviews you’ll find yourself under the influence of a localized tractor beam perilously stowed under your chair. Make sure you have an extra half-hour to kill at the least.

26 12 2008

Wheaton has a knack for the written word, although I think he tries too hard to be critical of both the show and his character. By all accounts ST:TNG was one of the best and most consistently written sci-fi series in TV history — certainly best among the Star Trek series — and episodes which feature Wesley Crusher are among its most memorable.

27 01 2009

I love the human horn quote. Pure gold.

3 02 2009
Terry Johnson

Glad you dropped in for a visit! Hope you enjoy what time you spend browsing. Maybe I can keep you mildly entertained.

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