Iced World

16 12 2008

And since I’m iced in, I’ll be spending a lot of time on the net. This post is truly random and mostly pointless, but I’m starin’ at the walls, so cut me some spin here.

I have to say that the awesome game Dave recommended,, is awesome!  Also, hulu has started posting a ton of new videos over the last week or so — many old SNL sketches.  Mental floss has a new presidential quiz.  It just dawned on me that Sylar on Heroes is the new (old) Spock.  The making fun of Senile Man may begin now.

Oooooooo! I want this T-shirt soooo bad!  If one of you wants to get it for me for Christmas, I promise to think of you every time I wear it!  Really!

Alright, last thing for now.  If you’re feeling down, Mrs. Brown, and you’re not very good at whistling.  If you need a little boost to help you rise above ennui.  If it’s been a while since you tried to name 40 films in 2 min. by sight. Then you must check out this truly inspirational youtube offering from  It’ll make you wanna punch your momma right in the mouth!*

Oh, and another last thing.  Trigger Happy TV is making a comeback on G4.  Remember that show?  It may be old, but it came before Ashton Kutcher forced you to watch 15 minutes of footage before the funny came.  THTV could make you laugh 20 times during that same period!  Looks like new episodes will start next week.  Good times…

* Dramatization – Individual experiences may vary



One response

17 12 2008

That video got me so pumped up that I ran outside… lipped and fell. I named somewhere in the lower 30’s. I’ve also beat the auditorium game.Its really fun when you ge o orbits.

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