Important Things

21 01 2009

Right now my favorite comedian is Demetri Martin.  Hands down.  He’s got a new show coming out on Comedy Central on Wednesday, February 11 called “Important Things with Demetri Martin”.

I love cerebral comedy.  The kind you really have to think about.  Sight gags just aren’t my thing.  Sure, I could never get enough of Rodney Dangerfield’s joke after joke after joke, but he wasn’t into sight gags.  And yeah, I liked it when Robin Williams used to do sight gags, but he’s *Robin Williams*!  The comedians I’m attracted to are Stephen Wright, George Carlin, and the great Norm MacDonald.  (Okay, they each laugh during their routine sometimes, but their sense of humor is dry and *that’s* what I like!)  I guess I just like a comedian who doesn’t laugh at his own jokes.  Which is why I can’t get enough Demetri Martin.

I really hope this series is as great as his appearances on The Daily Show and his stand-up performances.  Too often, a comedian just can’t fill 30 minutes of space with quality material every week without a horde of writers.

I was going to fill this post with tons of links — I certainly have an easy opportunity with all the name dropping — but I finally just decided to put this one up and forget it.  Maybe I’ll go back and fill in some links later.  Or maybe you should get on the google.




2 responses

21 01 2009

I know. I’m excited about it too. I’m always amazed at his musical abilities.

21 01 2009
Terry Johnson

I know! And the way he can draw a picture using pens in both hands is incredible. But really, how do you tell jokes while playing an instrument?

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