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8 02 2009

Oooooooooo!   You know what this post is about, don’t you?!?!?


The final Futurama DVD is being released on February 24, and from the reviews I’ve read from the pre-release screening at the NY Comic-Con, it could be the best of the series.  There’s a very good write-up about it over at Here’s a snipet:

And as always, since the Futurama writing team is stocked with more Harvard math majors than Texas Instruments, there’s a couple of science references clearly meant for about .01% of the audience. Personal favorite: a space-zamboni buffs the rings of Saturn, while a sign in the background reads “Mind The Keeler Gap.” That being the 42-kilometer wide gap in Saturn’s A-ring, not a nod to Futurama/Simpsons scribe Ken Keeler. Hey guess what, Keeler majored in Applied Mathematics at Harvard University!

When a beloved series ends it leaves a gaping hole in the hearts of its fans.  Occasionally this prompts the creators to step out on a limb and produce some extra content that runs in the theaters.  There are many examples — Star Trek, X-Files, Twin Peaks, Powerpuff Girls, Star Trek again, Cowboy Bebop.  Would Scooby-Doo fit on that list?  How about Batman?

Anyway, the masterminds behind Futurama chose to instead produce movies that went direct-to-DVD, probably a good move since they had several full-length scripts in the works.  If they were going to do a one-shot, like the Simpsons movie, then the theaters would have definitely been the way to go.  But I don’t think movie-goers would have supported more than a couple of trips to the theater, especially considering how forgetful Bender’s Game was.  So rather than start one in the theater and then looking like it had been a failure by releasing the others to DVD, the folks in charge did the right thing by putting each of these gems straight into the DVD market where they can stand on their own and can become underground classics — which in many cases makes them even more popular in the future than traditional money-makers.

So awesome!  I really hope this one lives up to the hype and gives us a lot of quality lines to quote to our geeky friends that’ll confuse all the ‘normal’ folks who really should just give up and go back to their Biggest Loser obsessions and Friends reruns.  Go geeks!



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8 02 2009

Wow! That is a fantastic example of the subtle and sophisticated humor that Futurama brings to the table. To fully enjoy it and get every joke, you have to pay attention to everything and, dare I say it, READ! You can’t just sit there with glazed eyeballs and expect a satisfying show.(unless of course you’re watching a episode of everybody loves hypno-toad.) I love all of the movies because they reference all the old jokes, and characters so it’s like you’re sub consciously watching an entire season in about 90 minutes. For those who can’t tell I love me some Futurama.

8 02 2009

I had no idea it was coming out so soon. Sweet.

Speaking of Futurama having one of the smartest crews ever, do you ever listen to the commentaries? That’s where they get into the real nerdy stuff.

12 02 2009

Totally! After seeing the episodes enough times to recite the script from memory, listening to the commentaries was the next logical step.

17 02 2009
Terry Johnson

So I’ve acquired a pre-release copy of the DVD. [Don’t ask too many questions!] And I’ve got to say that I’ve already watched it three times!

Without a doubt my favorite of the four movies. Okay, maybe some doubt since I love the first one so much. Yeah, now that I think of it — definitely number two. But still really awesome!

There’s this awesome scene about 30 minutes in when Bender is looking through a scanner on the bridge of the Planet Express ship that looks exactly like the one Spock used on the original Star Trek and he says, “Captain, I’m detecting life on the Spock-o-scope!” The scene shows a paradise with all kinds of cool-looking creatures and Leela says, “It’s amazing. It’s like a textbook on evolution.” Then Fry looks at the audience and says with a voice like a disclaimer in a commercial, “Except in Kansas.”

Oh yeah. I know you can’t wait…

19 02 2009

!!!!! Dammit. That’s a thing you should keep to yourself unless you’re sharing.

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