Zoë Keating is Phenomenal

27 02 2009

I stole that title directly from Wheaton’s site.  No apologies.  You’ll understand after you watch.

Quoth the Wheaton:

See that MacBook next to her? She uses that to sample herself several times to build a rhythm, and then she plays over it, like a one-woman string quartet. Or quintet. Or awesometet. I didn’t realize this the first time I heard her; I just thought her music was haunting and beautiful, but once I knew what she was doing, I was awestruck. In fact, knowing how she does it, I defy you to listen to it again and keep your jaw off the floor.

So you don’t have to watch her for the whole 7 min.  Just watch her for a bit and then let it play in the background.  Or better yet, don’t take your eyes off her once!

Wonder if I can get her permission to sample some of her music for the astronomy podcast this October.




2 responses

27 02 2009

That is unbelievable. People with that kind or any kind of amazing musical ability astound me.(I’m talking about you Trey French!) I guess its because anything to do with music (singing, dancing to, or making) is impossibly hard for me. Thanks for giving my Friday a soundtrack!

On a completely unrelated matter I’m thinking about getting a Bass and learning to play over the summer so I can jam with my homey. (I’m STILL talking about you Trey French!)

27 02 2009

Further proof that the cello and all who play it are awesome.


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