Not meant to be

11 03 2009

So look at this and imagine my sheer joy and my deepest sorrow…


Yep.  Midnight Oil is performing in the next few hours in Canberra.  It was announced just a couple of weeks ago and since I have received almost 300 emails from the Midnight Oil listserv, Powderworks.  I’m pretty sure I could come up with the money for airfare, transportation, lodging, food, and of course tickets, but I don’t think my marriage would survive it.  Thus, I will have to rely on the internets to bring me this glorious event as it happens.

The concert was borne out of a benefit event for the victims of last month’s bushfires that raged out of control through southern Australia.  Peter got permission, albeit reluctantly, from the PM to join the band he fronted for over 25 years to once again make a difference in people’s lives.  They’ve flown in Bones Hillman from Nashville, and had a brief practice last week (according to ‘reliable sources’.  heh).  The colliseum holds 70,000, and they sold out both shows within hours.  The folks that can make it are going to remember this for the rest of their lives.

The band is even getting the old sound crew back for the show.  Bonzer!  MO’s front office has contacted the listserv and offered to hold some tickets for those flying in from the US.  Also, after some technical chatter, they’re allowing the group to make a professional-grade video of the concerts.  With audio straight from the soundboard.  And that’s why they’re the GREATEST. BAND. EVAH!

To those going — rock a little harder, sing a little louder, and sweat a little more just for me.




3 responses

11 03 2009

Un-frekin-believable! I can only slightly begin to understand your pain. As naught but a mischievous youth, I have missed so many great bands in their prime, so these rare events when they get back together are like my own little drug.
I’m still holding out for zombie Freddie Mercury to get Queen back together.

12 03 2009
Terry Johnson

Heh. Many would argue that Peter Garrett is looking more zombie-like.

12 03 2009

I love his GIANT mic stand.

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