10 05 2009

For those who might be near enough to Conway to drop by next week, there’s a match at Hendrix from 8 – 10pm.  Be early!  Wear a dark-colored shirt!  Prepare to be put in your place by my team of atomic mutant supermen!  Or have none of you pathetic college kids game?

now where’s my bottle of Chronitons?

Edit:  Okay, so using the Chronitons has caused a major skip in the time matrix and now the game appears to have moved to Monday.  We shouldn’t question it — just comply until things get back to normal.  Oh, and a vortex has rendered the fields at Hendrix unusable.  Here’s the new location. [It’s right behind Stoby’s!]  Also the time has changed to 6pm – 8pm.  I’ve reserved the pavilion, so if you get there before me just go ahead and take it over.  Also, I’m planning to sell dogs and drinks to the spectators for a buck each.

Ultraedit!:  Man, that chronological wang-dang-doodle almost destroyed the matrix of reality!  It is a dark day for high schools everywhere.  We have been beaten… at Frisbee.  And to top it off now all the colleges are going to start crackin’ wise about our mommas.

You know what might fix that next time?  A pandemic-sized implosion.  But to do that I’d have to Yeti it up with a doomsday device.  Ah, now the disc is in Johnson’s field!  Glad I have a few of those laying around.

To celebrate, I’m making everyone who owns a Yeti shirt an honorary member of the team. Not so fast there Jones!  But you know it’s not possible.  In your heart, you know you just ain’t funky enough.  Deal with it.




3 responses

10 05 2009

BUNK! BUNK SAY! Atomic mutant supermen can only do so much against The Messiah!!

15 05 2009

Thanks for the directions, I know where I’m going now. Monday is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to see how your team stands against ours, you know we will eventually have to give them a break and mix them up right?

15 05 2009

Nice cover Johnson.

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