Truth In Advertising

6 06 2009

Here’s a funny via Criggo.




And here’s a toy I’ve been looking for an excuse to use!

You may vote only once per computer (I think), and the results will be shown to you when you vote!  Cool, huh?




4 responses

6 06 2009

lol! I love it! I wonder…stuffed AND fried? Or are there options! I’ll get on that survey! People really need to proof their ads more carefully…or not. There was an ad that once ran for an airline in Latin America touting their new first class seating…all leather. However, the AMERICAN ad agency didn’t translate correctly and the ad stated ‘Viaje en cuero’ which translates to travel naked!

6 06 2009

I with ladyh1. I like various combinations depending on who hungry I am. I’ll share a funny story too. It’s about the culture shock that my roommate, from Connecticut, received when Huckabee was running for president. He was talking about being a good ol’ boy cooking a squirrel in a popcorn popper. While watching this we both went “WHAT?!”. However, while he followed his exclamation with “Who eats SQUIRREL?!”. I followed mine with “You can’t cook a good squirrel in a POPCORN POPPER!! That’s what skillets are for!”
He was speechless.

7 06 2009

Of course you eat squirrel! Duh! I can only imagine the roommates face! LMAO!

6 06 2009

I think it’s funny that the three of us picked a different option.

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