Summer Schedule

22 06 2009

So I *didn’t* bother to list my summer schedule as planned before it actually began, but let me catch you up.  [Actually, this list is intended to just remind me of everything.  Even with this, I know there are many things I’m missing.]

Two weeks ago:  Took a GIS class at UCA.  It’s designed for teachers, so it crams a whole semester into 5 days plus some extra work to be completed over the next month.  The class — very informative.  The teacher — very knowlegeble and entertaining.  My classmates — well, that’s a story for another time.  In the end I learned a whole lot and consider it time well spent.

Last week:  SEPA!!!  This will turn into multiple posts, so I’ll just mention that I left on Monday the 15th and I returned on Saturday the 20th.  Wonderful, wonderful time.  Perhaps the best SEPA ever?

Today:  Father’s Day.  Garrett felt sick.  Liam got sick.  Geneva was exhausted from the past week and from taking care of Garrett and Liam.  Gavin and Miles helped me out in the garden which was in total disrepair after the previous week.    –Oh, and happy summer solstice to you all!

This week:  Tuesday I have an eye exam followed by a test at UCA.  I’m participating in an evaluation of a new Algebra II teaching strategy for the state department.  I’m in the control group.  That, also, is a story for another time.

At the moment I have nothing more scheduled for the summer until July 27 when I’ll be working on a science standards project at UCA with Dr. William Slaton for two weeks.  The day after that ends, my school year begins again.




5 responses

22 06 2009

Sounds like a great start to the summer! Looking forward to lots of informative stories on your adventures .

22 06 2009

You seem to be quite busy Johnson! At least you found time to update us.:) If you can find the time, You, Nick, Trey, and myself should go to dinner soon. Maybe next week after my first semester of Physics is over?

22 06 2009
23 06 2009

Finally I’ll have something less productive to do than trying to beat a high score on a random game online, and I totally agree with Lauren.

29 06 2009

Well, Happy Father’s Day anyway and also happy summer solstice! Longest day of sunlight of the year…what’s not to like!

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