TCM Shoots The Moon

6 07 2009

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the moon shot.  Turner Movie Classics intends to celebrate the only way they know how… by showing Capricorn One!

Okay, so actually they aren’t going to show that until almost 3am the next day.  What they *are* going to do is play a bunch of films relating to our dream of going to the moon throughout the day on July 20th.  Here’s a complete schedule (in CDT).  I’m sure you’ll find something there you’ll really want to watch.  [edit:  I’ve discovered that sometimes this link doesn’t work.  If it opens a blank page, hit ‘enter’ on the address bar and maybe it’ll pop up.  Otherwise, it’s a just a link to their program schedule on the 20th of July.  You can surf to it, I’m sure.]

I would recommend watching A Trip To The Moon (1902) by Georges Méliès.  It may be old and somewhat comical, but he took it very seriously.  As did the viewing public.  It cost a whopping 10,000 Francs to produce and was hugely popular when it was released.  However, it was the subject of a large-scale video piracy scheme.  Thomas Edison marketed the pirated copy in America, and as a result Méliès went bankrupt.  He had produced 500 films in his lifetime (A Trip To The Moon was his 400th), but most of them were melted down by the French military in WWI to use as boot heels.  The ending of this movie was lost until 2002 when it was found in a barn.  Hopefully, TCM will show the complete version, since I have never seen it.





3 responses

6 07 2009

I wish I could stay up to watch Capricorn One, but I have physics class tomorrow. I might just have to catch the end of A Trip to the Moon though. Thanks for the info. What an exciting day.

6 07 2009

I’m want to work at least two good movies into my schedule. I’m going to record Trip to the Moon. Stupid jobs and the responsibilities that go with them.

7 07 2009

Hmm….something to watch on Sunday. Priceless. Thank God for the DVR.

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