You’re a funny gal, Miss

18 07 2009

I’ve decided that my favoritest web site is Neatorama.  I know I’ve never put it on the blogroll (until today), but rarely does a day go by that I don’t read through the posts you can find there.  It’s always SFW and has the most awesome stories and links.

Also, one of the writers is Miss Cellania who’s wonderfully funny and knowledgeable and also happens to write for Mental Floss.   Her personal blog is updated as often as any multi-contributor blog site and has some wonderful gems such as What women say and what they mean, which is a primer I read through several times thank you very much!

Hope you check these links out.


Dude, you're doing it wrong.



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19 07 2009
Miss Cellania

Well, isn’t that the sweetest thing anyone has said about me in a long time! Thanks.

19 07 2009

Wow! Miss Cellania knows who I am! I am so honored. :o)

19 07 2009

Second! (and I don’t mean that stupid thing where you say where your post lies in the order of posts I second the fact that Miss Cellania is awesome!)

21 07 2009
22 07 2009

…but this was written by a woman

22 07 2009

Doesn’t make it better. Did you read the last comment on that post?

“I know this is meant to be humorous, but its another sad example of how male/female relationships are packaged for mass consumption. Perhaps a man and woman should find someone compatible that they can communicate with instead of settling for any of this nonsense. If anyone either does this or puts up with it they have the emotional maturity range of a teaspoon.”

22 07 2009

If David X. Cohen had written it, would it then be funny? What if he wrote a line in which a character either has to like a certain girl or else he’s gay? How offended would you be? What if he was making fun of kleptomaniacs? Or old people? Or nerds? Which of these would fall into the category of “another sad example”?

If it’s that offensive to make fun of an imaginary person who matches a stereotype, then you should be offended whenever that instance comes up in Futurama — which, as I recall, is a lot. Insert ANY comedy concerning pop culture and you’ll find the same. Humans like to laugh at stereotypes.

You’re trying to make a to-do about a specific thing that people (me included) make fun of, but you should look at your reasons a little harder. I think you’re singling out one specific topic to get offended over, while ignoring the million others that are just as poignant. If you’re really concerned that someone reading a joke concerning women will actually make them believe, I dunno, whatever horrible thing you’re afraid they’re going to believe, then you aren’t putting much faith in people to know the difference between a joke and reality. People are smarter than that. Just like we can entertain any idea without accepting it. If you don’t think people are capable of that, then comedy shouldn’t exist.

There’s a huge difference between having a serious discussion and comedy. I’m not making serious comments about a blog devoted to comedy. If you only want to discuss a serious issue, then comment on one of the other dozen posts I’ve made recently.

22 07 2009

They’re not so much offensive as just eye-rollingly stupid and incredibly cliche. You say people don’t believe this stuff but I asked you in the car if you honestly believed that women are more confusing than men and you said yes! Whether we mean to or not, we internalize these things. We are socialized to believe that girls act one way and boys another and we carry these things into our adulthood and teach them to our children to the detriment of everyone (but especially women).

And no, I do not think that that post constitutes a huge blow to gender relations but does it make me want to bang my head into the desk a little. Yeah, it does.

24 07 2009

1. I think that she should have also inserted “Whatever” in her list as well. Dependent upon the body language and tone of voice, that one little word can either mean something really good, or, dude! you are in SO much trouble!
2. I think that the issue of gender and the differences in communication are going to cause trouble regardless of compatibility. Even soulmates (if they truly exist) could have difficulty interpreting their partner from time to time. Just read “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” and one can understand that some differences are simply just there. Communication issues are serious, no doubt about it. However, if we cannot laugh at ourselves as a society sometimes, life can be pretty awful.
3. Women are confusing…but men are more so.

27 07 2009
Máire of the Lilies

Personally, I enjoyed the article. It made me laugh.

I think that both sexes are confusing. It’s not about trying to point out who is more confusing. It’s about accepting the fact that we’re constantly stymied by each other and still strive to continue to communicate.

27 07 2009

I liked the article as well, don’t get me wrong! Communication between the sexes has been an issue since Adam and Eve! As long as we try to communicate and understand…that’s the important part.

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