Possible Jupiter Impact

19 07 2009

Well, I was hoping to beat the major astronomical news outlets with this one; but alas, SpaceWeather.com beat me to it.  About six hours ago I got an email from Thomas Ashcroft referring to this picture:

jupiter impact

It was captured by Anthony Wesly in Australia last night.  That spot on the northern southern (the telescope flips the image over) edge wasn’t there the night before, and it looks very much like an impact point for a moderately-sized interloper.  I’m sure many scopes will be trained on the planet over the next couple of days to monitor how the spot changes.

I’ll post an update here as soon as someone puts up a movie or a better resolution image.  Or better yet… an IR image!




One response

19 07 2009

Maybe the red spot became a black head. That is really awesome though. Glad to see you’re back on your horse.

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