Video Games: Good For Kids!

20 07 2009

This just in… video games are not only a hot commodity for the reclusive/nerdy type, but they have a lot of merits for moms who still worry that little Johnny is destroying his brain.  With documented research behind him, Andrew Bub has written a killer article for called 10 Ways That Video Games Are Good For Kids.

Hand/Eye Coordination

This is the most obvious benefit of gaming. Quick thinking, a fast “trigger finger” and good reaction speed are critical in most games. But games also help with fine motor control and spatial relationships. They can build confidence in the clumsiest child and give kids a rare chance to prove that their parents are all thumbs. A growing number of brain surgeons and laparoscopic surgeons report using games before surgery to steady their hands, according to Dr. Lawrence Kutner and Dr. Cheryl Olson in their book, Grand Theft Childhood.

There’s also a great paragraph on understanding the difference between killing and survival in a ‘violent’ game, which I wish he had expounded upon more.  But, if you keep up with his blog (or a thousand others out there) you know the arguments pretty well by now.




One response

20 07 2009

Except for the fact that they promote violence! To this day every time I see a turtle I want to jump on top of it and watch a coin pop out of its butt. Then I go back to eat mushrooms.

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