3 08 2009

It’s no secret that my favorite actor is John Cusack. It goes along with my favorite cheese-movie being Say Anything.  Here he is, the embodiment of cool…


So what’s got me so up in the air about him?  Last month my family went out to see Harry Potter.  It’s the first time I’d been to the movies in a while.  Tons of previews.  Most were fluff.  Then I saw the trailer for the stupidest movie of the year, 2012.


I’ve been dreading the release of this disaster of a movie since I heard some producer had decided to see just how gullible the viewing public was.  I have to put up with the History Channel airing, and I use the word loosely, “documentaries” about the 2012 nonsense, the numerous doomsday books, and the emails.  I’ve been dumbfounded in the past by the stuff that people will swallow if they think for a second that whoever is telling them has a smidgen more sense than them [for instance… ah, forget it.  A billion other things!].  In this case people are relying on astrology and fortunetellers and flat-out lies to sound smart and semi-knowledgeable while chatting it up with their friends.  Even *I* have had friends want to debate the merits of this stupidity.

But, as Richard Feynman once said, “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool.”

We all, as smart as we think we are, can sometimes be fooled.

But not by this!!!  Sheesh!

So I’m sitting in the theater making groaning sounds all the while the trailer is playing, and then Geneva says, “Uh oh.”  Uh oh?  What could that…  And then I look up at the screen and see this:

2012 -cusack

And, oh, the laughter!  She yells over the extra-loud kabooms, “Ha, ha!  You have to watch it now!”  I sit, mouth open, thinking that indeed, I may have to watch it.

As he is my favorite actor, I make it a point to see every one of his films.  It’s what you do.  I have a lot of respect for him.  I admire him for his eponymous roles.  From 16 Candles to Grosse Pointe Blank to Pushing Tin to High Fidelity to 1408.  There’s just no role he’s ever played that I did not completely enjoy.

[As a really cool tie-in with the above comments, Cusack was fantastic in his portrayal of Richard Feynman in Fat Man and Little Boy!]*

So now I’m torn:  Favorite actor — crummy movie plot.  What to do?

Well, I saw the carnage that was Con Air and tolerated it okay, so I suppose I can make it through this.

But it’s not gonna be easy!

Maybe I should go back to having Jeff Goldblum as my favorite actor.


So, what is your favorite Cusack movie?  (or Goldblum, I’m not picky.)

*Okay, so my memory failed me.  Cusack did NOT play Richard Feynman; and, in fact, Feynman was not even portrayed in Fat Man and Little Boy.  Cusack played a fictional character named Michael Merriman who was loosely based on real-life scientist Harry K. Daghlian, Jr., who died on September 15, 1945 from radiation sickness, 25 days after being irradiated during a critical-mass experiment in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  (Phenomenal role, BTW)  The movie I was thinking of was Infinity (which all of you must see!) which was all about Richard Feynman and starred Matthew Broderick.  I recalled all of this after watching Fat Man for the first time in many years last night.




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4 08 2009

My favorite roll of his is Nick Falzone in Pushing Tin. I always give movies with a character or actor with the name of Nick a extra point (yes even Nicholas Cage, and EVEN the horror film House of Wax, where the character’s name was *actually* Nick Jones! [of course that movie was worth the 90 mins of my life just to see Paris Hilton get impaled through the head!] As for the 2012 I say bear down and go for it. One can only hope that Cusack is an avid skeptic who makes everyone realizes the this whole “world coming to an end” thing is all in their heads, and then they all wake up and it was a dream.

By the way, here’s that Paris Hilton impaling… I know you were about to look it up anyway.

4 08 2009

I’m gonna go with “Runaway Jury”, in which he plays Nicholas Easter. Of course, the fact that Gene Hackman is ALSO in that movie made it even better. But, then again, I like John Grisham’s novels, so there ya go.
As for 2012, it could be humorous to simply make fun of all the people who buy into the whole “theory” and the antics that will ensue. Yeah, I’m going to hell…
“Harry Potter” was a total disappointment. The Death Eaters were cool, but, frankly, I was bored….

4 08 2009

Anastasia! He totally played Dimitri..
Honestly, I had to go to imdb to even get that far, sorry Johnson.

6 08 2009

Well, if you want the definitive Cusack role, you should watch Say Anything . I promise you will love it. I would recommend watching it this weekend. Without interruption. And pay very close attention to how well he can appear nonchalantly nervous. (What does that mean…? Watch the movie and see!) I so wish I could do that.

And the best line in the film is almost ruined by the fact that the director had Ione Skye respond to Cusack when he asks, “One question: Do you need someone, or do you need me? Forget it… I don’t really care.” She answers him, which I believe would have been far better if she had just kissed him without speaking. But that’s just me. :o)

Oh, and you’ll hate the ending. But it grows on you about the 12th or 15th time you see it.

11 08 2009

I can’t wait to see it!
By the way, I finally got Rhythm Heaven. It pretty much makes my ds worth the money I spent for it.

23 03 2010

Ah, man, did you ever see the movie? I can’t remember whether it’s that the neutrinos BECOME microwaves, or just start ACTING like microwaves…but about 5 minutes into the movie, it’s off to a great start, cause that’s what they say is causing the “Earth’s core to boil”, because it’s heating “just like a microwave–from the inside-out!”

4 08 2010

I can’t believe no one chose “High Fidelity” Rob Gordon is essential Cusack.

John was so hot in that movie. He was raw “male” showing the jerk side, as well as the hurt side of the male ego.

7 08 2010

Kimmy! Glad you appreciate the awesome acting of John Cusack as well. And thanks for dropping a line!

12 09 2010

Hot Persuit! An old favourite of mine. I love all of John Cusacks movies. Good script or bad he makes it all work so well. When I watch his movies I see a young Hoffman with a bit of James Stewart and a dash of Al Pacino. Cusack….. I can’t get enough!

12 09 2010

Heh. I think his best example of making a bad script work would be “Better Off Dead”. That’s a cult classic for those who don’t know! But yeah, Hot Pursuit is one that they never seem to put in the late night movie rotation, even though I would definitely recommend it.

And yeah, I see Dustin Hoffman in much of what he does as well. Two really cool cats, there.

BTW, I *still* haven’t seen 2012. Thhhbbtt.

7 10 2010

I really love War Inc, too. I’ve watched it nine times and I’m watching it again tonight. Heh! I told ya all that I can’t get enough. I really get the Cusacak political vibe. Well done Johnny babe!

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