Podcast This Saturday

7 10 2009

So the podcast that I wrote and produced for 365daysofastronomy.org is being released this Saturday.  I worked pretty hard on it, and I don’t hate it, so I think you’ll enjoy it.

Some details:

  • It’s about Olbers’ Paradox which asks the question, “If the universe is infinite and stars are evenly distributed, then why isn’t the night sky bright with star light from every direction?”
  • It’s written in the spirit of NPR’s Car Talk where I and my ‘brother’ take calls from people with astronomy questions.
  • The first call we take is just for the funny, but it is based on an actual event in England a few years back!
  • The podcast had to be less than 10 minutes in length.  The script, as originally written, took over 16 minutes of recorded audio to get through.  I spent one night re-writing and re-recording some things with Jeremy and James to compact it .   And I spent one night whittling out some more dialogue — and a few jokes that I really hated to cut — in order to get everything under the time limit.
  • I had to cut out all of Kathleen’s lines as well.  Kathleen, I am so sorry for that.  I left you in the credits anyway, if that helps…  (I am so sorry!)
  • To make this sound semi-professional, I had to use two sound cards (one for recording through Skype and one for multi-channel ASIO format) and a slew of effects to clean up bad VOIP audio or to dirty up in-house audio that was too clean sounding.
  • I had a couple of other things I wanted to do with the audio, but time was short so I kissed my baby goodbye and upped it to the servers, only 2 days later than my deadline.  :o)

I can’t thank those involved enough for their time and patience helping me with this.  They are, Jeremy ‘Indiana’ Lusk, Lauren ‘The Annihilator’ Jacobs, Kathleen ‘Action!’ McMurray, James ‘Drill-Bit’ Tidwell, Jenny ‘Why-do-I-have-to-be-the-stupid-one’ Temple, and Dr. Jim ‘That’s-gonna-need-some-editing’ Ross.  And double thanks to Jeremy and Lauren for helping flesh out some major points and helping with the writing style.  And triple thanks to Jeremy for the two times he had to come out to my house to record his parts.  I’d also like the thank the good folks at 365days for getting this awesome brainstorm and then allowing me to participate, especially Davin Flateau for putting in a good word for me.  After hearing his podcasts, I really didn’t want to let him down!

If you don’t get a chance to catch the piece on Saturday, it’ll be up for the rest of the year.  Get by the website and take a listen.  And check out some of the other pieces people have contributed.  I find myself listening to one after the other.  Astronomy is such a broad field, and I love listening to people who are passionate about their specific area.  All the really cool stuff people post reminds me of a great saying that seems to fit quite appropriately here…

“The universe is full beyond measure of elegant truths of exquisite interrelationships of the awesome machinery of nature.”  — Carl Sagan




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