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8 10 2009

So the state paper interviewed me and another teacher a couple of weeks back.  The interview was published in the local edition of the paper today.  You can read it online here.  I’m not sure how long they keep articles archived, so it may be gone soon.  I’ll keep a copy and post it here if they take it down.  In the meantime, I don’t think they’ll mind if I steal their photo…

paper picture

I wish the article had focused more on student projects.  I really love it when students want to build stuff and do investigations and play with big physics toys.  I brought Adam’s Tesla Coil up to the school primarily so my current students could see it before I gave it away to UCA, but also because I wanted the newspaper photographer to take this picture. In the interview, I talked for over a half hour about what projects my students have done in the past and what a current one will be doing this year.  Alas, she decided to keep the article focused on the workshop I attended.  Well, at least she quoted me right.  :o)




3 responses

8 10 2009

That sure is a fancy coffee maker you got there Johnson.

8 10 2009

Yeah. Y’know, it dawns on me that it would be really difficult to brew a good cup of Joe in space. What with all the percolating and such that requires a temperature gradient. Have they developed a way to brew coffee on the space station?

And I don’t mean just warm up some water and use instant!

8 10 2009

Their supply tanks are O2, H2O, Coffee, and Coke Syrup.

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