A Leonid To Remember

7 12 2009

Yes!  I just got permission from the owner, Mikiya Sato, to post this incredible image he took of a Leonid here on my blog for you, my awesome readers.

Okay, now click on it to see it in better resolution.

I know, right!?!?  Wow!

But that’s not all…  if you click here, you’ll see a gorgeous flash sequence of the event plus images of the expanding vapor cloud over the following 10 minutes.

Viewing this makes me excited enough to set up my laptop and digital camera to capture meteor images myself, just to see if I can.  Unfortunately, right now there’s a construction project going on east of my house which is going to completely wash out the eastern horizon for the next several months.  But it does give me some ideas for the future.




3 responses

9 12 2009

That picture is gorgeous! I couldn’t get the flash sequence to open, but maybe when I get away from crappy Hendrix internet..
Where was the picture taken?

9 12 2009

This is in Japan. Keep trying on the flash sequence. That’s the most amazing part!

10 12 2009

Wow, that is awe inspiring, and the flash sequence is incredible to watch go by.

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