The T-Shirt Quest Continues

10 01 2010

A couple of years back I started asking all my former students to get me a T-shirt from their respective college/university/grad school.  So far the results have been dismal.  Thanks goes to those who fulfilled my request (especially Amanda, who was number one with a bullet!), but they are few.

I don’t have any big plans for these shirts right now.  Really, I just want them for no raisin.  But since the response has been so weak, maybe I need to offer something in return.  Can’t think of anything offhand…  but I promise you this:  I will get each of you something special and specific if you will do me this small favor.  For those who already gave, that means now I’ve got to come up with something.  Chocolate malt, maybe?  I know I’d do most anything for a box of donuts!

Well, you be thinking about it.  I’m open to suggestion.

[BTW, if you haven’t read Davin’s blog in the last couple of months, you’re really missing out!  I’m starting to think he should’ve gone into journalism instead of astrophysics.  Hmm, maybe he can do both…]




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10 01 2010

Hey!! I was just about to write you an email when I saw your post (thx for teh mention!). I saw Jeremy at AAS – holy cow – I can’t believe how fast kids grow up these days. His poster was around the corner from mine. I have a picture of him at his poster I’ll get to you somehow. You must be happy, being the proud “father” of a bouncing baby astronomer! Wish you coulda come to the conference – it was a blast. HUGE! Tell em how the family is these days. Have fun – Davin

10 01 2010

Glad you dropped in, Davin! I know I haven’t commented on your blog since before Thanksgiving, but I really do love reading your thoughts. If only I could get you to post more often than I do.

I should drop some comments on your blog, too. I’ll get over and do that in my copious amounts of free time –as soon as I remember what I did with it.

11 01 2010

I’m on it! I’ve got a great Hendrix shirt in mind for you.
(and your Futurama reference is the greetest!)

13 01 2010

You know if you had told me about this request I would have gotten you one much sooner! Maybe Nick will let me split the cost with him, since you really don’t need two..or do you…

15 01 2010

If I remember when I return stateside, I can most definitely get you a UofA engineering shirt.

16 01 2010

Frodrick! So good to see you around these parts.

16 01 2010


18 01 2010

Holy Fritos! Ethan!

31 01 2010

I’m only getting you a shirt if I can find one with rainbows on it. I’ve tried really hard to make sure I don’t own anything with a school logo on it. I never did buy into school spirit.

31 01 2010

Ummm. Rainbows. Yeah. Ummm, I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there. Yeah. I was just looking over these TSP reports and didn’t see a requisition for anything rainbow colored. Now, if you could go ahead and maybe see if you could find something in a non-rainbow color, that would be great.

Oh, and don’t think I didn’t see you sneaking off with my stapler.

2 02 2010

You can have an Iowa GLBT shirt or nothing. Make your choice.

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