For My Entertainment Dollar

6 02 2010

So here’s what I think of the current string of TV offerings:

Heroes:  Still loving it.  Wish they would tell more about what’s going on with Hiro, but Silar and Noah are really keeping things interesting and fresh every week.  Can’t say I’m disappointed with them mostly writing the ice-girl out of the script.  There’s a strong sense that the writers really have a direction to take the show in this season, which was something that seemed to be lacking last season — what with driving everyone out into the desert for some reason and then, I dunno, they just decided to not be there anymore.  But I’m hoping the writers can telepathically sense my (and I’m sure most of the other fans’) desire for a Silar/Samuel face-off.  I really want Silar to actually get emotional about something and stop doing things out of boredom.  Bored characters make for a bored audience.

24:  <sigh>  So I’m watching this season simply because I feel compelled to.  I’ve watched the others, even though they started going downhill after season 3.  And last year’s run had some of the worst dialogue in the history of police dramas.  [I said “some”!  I remember Cop Rock!  What I meant was police dramas that don’t make me want to return my TV.]  The problem with this year’s storyline is how linear everything is.  In past years they’ve had a least three different stories to keep up with at once that were each individually interesting.  They had two good lines going — with Jack and with the diplomatic stuff — but then they basically ended the line with the peace treaty and started up another story with some CTU agent that makes NO sense.  If you haven’t been watching this season, it’s alright.  You’re not missing much.

Caprica:  Wow!  What is there not to love about this show?  So, you wouldn’t believe it, but I tuned in without knowing it was a Battlestar Galactica origins series!  You can imagine my surprise at the end of the first episode when the ‘security robot’ got the acronym CYLON.  “Ohhhh!” I said.  And you may not believe this, but I never got into the BG reboot.  Randomly moving the camera around may have seemed artistic and cool when they did it on NYPD Blue, but it gives me a headache.  So I wouldn’t watch it just because I couldn’t fathom how a show with such a huge budget for their special effects couldn’t afford a simple tripod.  But Caprica, oh yeah, totally different show.  Killer acting, scripting, special effects, production, cinematics.  And, you may not believe this, but it may be one of the best thought-out plots I’ve ever seen on a TV series.  When the thing that happens in the pilot episode that’s supposed to shock us into watching more episodes happens, it’s not just for shock value; it becomes a vital part of the series that defines the relationships of every character in the show.  Really awesome stuff!




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7 02 2010

I’m glad to hear that Caprica is good. From the previews, it could have gone either way.

8 02 2010

I haven’t been pleased with SyFy in some time. I tuned in to Caprica and got interested by the first commercial. The show really lost me for about 20 minutes, then some cool stuff happened, then some very believable acting occurred, then the last 5 minutes just knocked my socks off. You’ve gotta check it out!

8 02 2010

I will definitely have to!

8 02 2010

Take a tylenol and watch BSG. It’s really, really insanely good. Caprica is a pale shadow at best

9 02 2010

I’ve watch several episodes from each season — even the one that Phil Plait went on and on about for several blog posts about how the politics mirrored our current situation. I’m an old-time BSG fan. Watched the original series the first time around (favorite episode – Exodus). Bought the comic books (still got ’em). Found those old plots mostly ridiculous in their simplicity, but fascinating in their design. As a kid I would dream of being with them trying to make a home aboard a lifeboat.
The writers for the BSG reboot were just trying way too hard. They had good actors and decent direction, but I didn’t care for the production or the cinematography. The scripts seemed as forced as Voyager, not smooth and natural like DS9.
The storyline in Caprica grabbed me pretty hard. Not sure where they’re going with it, but I’m sure they’re going to develop the definition of artificial intelligence in a very disturbing sense. Right now I’m captivated. I just hope they don’t drop the ball like so many other sci-fi startups with good intentions.

9 02 2010

3 words: Big. Bang. Theory. :)

10 02 2010

By the great white beard of John Maynard Keynes, Johnson, I didn’t know you had one of these! What’s been up?

11 02 2010

Hayden! Glad you found me.

Like most bloggers, I spend much of my time lamenting that I don’t blog enough. Other than that, I use this space to distract myself from all the grading I’ve been doing.

Drop by when you can. Comments are always welcome!

11 02 2010

Certainly. I made an account on one of these things. Fascinating. Anyway, nice hearing from you again.

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