Orbital Time Killer

6 03 2010

I’ve debated offering you this site for a week now.  It’s simply a flash app to simulate various orbital models, but man it’s fun!   And addictive!

[deep breath]  Okay, here ya go.

My Solar System

…and you were never heard from again.




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6 03 2010
Rock The Boat


6 03 2010

I saw a similar one on some Japanese flash website a while back, and my thought is the same as it was then; I want it to be in 3 dimensions.

6 03 2010

I’ve played with several incarnations of this type in the past, but the features (the ability to adjust the iterations, turn the paths on and off on the fly, etc.) is great! I also love the way that you can hover your mouse over an object at any point and reveal its characteristics. I like to play this ‘game’ where I get four bodies moving around in tight orbits to see how long they can keep from hitting or ejecting each other.

6 03 2010

The one I played before wasn’t as good as this one, and the biggest reason that comes to mind is that in the old one…mass wasn’t conserved. Two objects would collide, and it would more or less pick the bigger one and use its mass only for the rest of the simulation. The only real benefit over the one I played around with before was that you could do 20 or 30 objects at once (total chaos!).

7 03 2010

Why Johnson? Why?

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