Buzz Aldrin …can dance?

8 03 2010

Here’s a tasty tidbit that came through the wire last week but I just caught this week…  Buzz Aldrin is set to be on Dancing With The Stars this season!

I’ve got to wonder what would prompt him to do this.  Just think of his long line of accomplishments. Fighter pilot.  Doctorate in Astronautics  (you call him Dr. Aldrin!).  Test pilot.  Astronaut.  Author.  Guest appearance on The Simpsons.  Punching out Bart Sibrel (hehe!).  Oh, and the awards!  The presidents love to give him awards.

At the age of 80, surely he has nothing more to prove about how awesome he is… unless, of course, someone dared him to do it.  Then he’d have to.  ‘Cause one thing I’m sure about Dr. Aldrin — he’s not gonna back down from any silly dare, even if it means sticking his tongue to a flagpole on Pluto!

In a recent interview with Zap2It, Aldrin said, “I have over 800,000 followers on Twitter, I’m coming out with a new iPhone application, and I’ve written two children’s books and a science-fiction story that I hope to get made into a movie.

“Then there’s my recent autobiography, ‘Magnificent Desolation.’ All of that is in pursuit of communicating with diverse groups of people who remember the past and want to see us rebuild on that for the future.'”

Such a man would have no troubles picking up girls on the dance floor, but just to prove it he’ll show us all how it’s done on March 22.

Godspeed, Buzz!

[Tip of the tap shoes to Lauren F.]




5 responses

8 03 2010

Hah, my mom told me about this when it was announced, and it was weird cause I had just watched an old video from Larry King Live that pitted lonely Michael Shermer against no less than 5 fervent believers in alien abduction and contact, and the final person they brought on was Buzz Aldrin to tell the story of his “UFO sighting”, which he detailed thoroughly (the UFO guys loved that!) and then said “But we later found out it was a panel off of the rocket.” (the UFO guys looked bewildered as though Buzz Aldrin was betraying them, and if I recall correctly, one actually tried to correct Aldrin on his recollection). It was a weird coincidence.

Either way, I think I might actually have to watch Dancing with the Stars just for Buzz.

9 03 2010

I’ve never actually watched an episode of DwtS, but I certainly will this season. Think he’ll try to pull off a salsa?

9 03 2010

Haha, I mean I would totally love to dance with him!
I’m actually excited to see what Dr. Aldrin has in store for us.

10 03 2010

I’m hoping he’ll go oldschool and throw out some of the sweet jitterbug moves he undoubtedly has.

31 03 2010

Okay, so obviously Aldrin hasn’t danced in a while — maybe ever. :o|

But it doesn’t matter… he’s still a far braver man than I. ‘Cause I’ve taken ballroom dance in college and barely eked out a B! There’s no way I would try to do it in public.

He needs to just keep smiling and let his titles do the walking.

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