Luck of the Fry-ish!

11 04 2010

So yesterday I discovered a few hundred feet from my house a patch of four-leaf clovers.  You read that right… an entire patch of four-leaf clovers!  Don’t believe me?  How about this?  Those may not look all multi-leafed, but they are.

Better?  Good.  Now — here comes the exciting part! — overall we found several dozen five-leaf clovers, and maybe 15 or so six-leaf clovers,

and then THIS!

Count ’em, suckers!  That’s seven leaves …all on the same stem! And from what I understand about leprechaun magic, one of my kids will have a son who gets to go to Mars.  Sha-pow!

There’s one leaf that’s been chewed up a bit by some bug, but other than that all the leaves are fairly congruent.  That means that they’re almost too big for all of them to be seen at once.  In fact, I had to count them three times before I was sure I wasn’t counting one leaf twice.

Now to figure out how to preserve this thing in a necklace or something.



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11 04 2010

Mr. Johnson, if I ever see you try anything that crazy again… this crew might just have some new parachute pants!

11 04 2010

Well, next time you see a midget (small person? dwarf? I can’t be sure.), grab him and shake him and demand the secret to preserving a seven-leafed clover. He’ll pretend he doesn’t know what you’re talking about, but shake him enough, and his secrets will start to spill out, with tears and hopeless gasps in between.

Or, you can probably find some way to put it in a bit of acryllic. Or just laminate it.

12 04 2010

I have both laminated them and painted clear acryllic over them. They make awesome bookmarks. I love to find four, five, six, and have found a couple of seven-leaf clovers in my lifetime. Some patches of clover seem to be genetically disposed to create these. Did you know you can buy them from seed companies? Right now I am wondering what leprechaun has visited your house to create such a masterpiece! Send him my way if you find him…………………….and I do hope one of your boys gets to Mars since I did not get to go! Great photo!

12 04 2010

I trust that after this picture was taken you laminated it and put it in a “Breakfast Club” soundtrack record album which itself was in a Ronco record vault in the fallout shelter I helped you build two summers ago that is stocked with bananas for when the radioactivity turns us all into monkeys.

On a serious note… that is the greatest thing I ever saw!

13 04 2010

I have nothing else to say but wow. And I though Futurama was grossly over-estimating the amount of leaves you could find on a clover! Way to show them!

14 04 2010

Ah, Johnson, off topic, but I’ve got a question for you. Have you heard of…the KFC DOUBLE DOWN!?

14 04 2010

I have a new challenge for you:

(21 leaves)

15 04 2010


15 04 2010

Okay, I’m here! Whew! You guys sure liked this post! Sorry I’m so late in responding to each of you. Had some really important obligations this week and haven’t been very focused. So let’s begin…

@Tristan: Heard your radio show on KUCA with the hard core sounds intermixed with Sagan readings. Very cool! I thoroughly enjoyed the hour.

@Hayden: I think I like the acrylic idea. Just don’t know how to go about doing that. Oh, and the KFC thing is just silly. –but it’ll probably sell tons ’cause America loves its fat.

@Nanette: Thanks for piping up with the whole, “Yeah, I’ve done that. Many times.” thing. Nice. :oP

@147: I don’t own the Breakfast Club soundtrack! I’ve been looking through my CD collection for a suitably appropriate selection, and all I come up with is the Bill and Ted’s soundtrack or Wayne’s World. …Wait, wait! Here it is! I have a “Totally 80s” compilation 2CD set! Sweet! It even has Walking On Sunshine on it! That’ll clear the room in a hurry!

@Lauren: Now all my boys can think about is finding an 8-leaf clover. heh. I’ll show ’em that picture when I get a chance, though. Think it’s real? Seems awfully small compared to the hand. (You can’t tell from the picture on my post, but that clover was about the size of your palm.)

17 04 2010

I remember ages ago seeing a website that would put bugs or flowers in blocks of acrylic that you sent in…conceivably they could and would do it with your anomalous clover…but it would likely cost an absurd amount to ship it off and pay for shipping back. The only website I could find that offered that service was…gone.

Here’s some stuff about preserving wedding bouquets. Perhaps the same process could work at home? It wouldn’t be a nice sturdy block of acrylic like I often dream I’m encased in, and would prove to make the thing brittle, but at least it wouldn’t crinkle and rot.

21 04 2010

Hey its Sam and I finally decided to make an account.
I am looking forward to seeing Battery at stickey fingers next week. Hopefully they will be pretty good.

Live long and prosper.

21 04 2010

Sam! Thrilled you dropped in! You might have noticed I haven’t been updating very often. It’s kinda crunch time for me and school/home/kids. I’ve got some stuff ready to put up, so check back in the next couple of days.
Don’t know if I’ll be able to hit a show right now, either. I had tentative plans for Memphis in May (30 Seconds To Mars on Friday night), but right now it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make it. :o|

18 03 2012
Andrew justin miller

Did you find a way to put the clovers in acrylic

7 05 2010

I know you knew about “A Glorious Dawn”, but
I didn’t know if you knew about this. You should check it out!

I wish there were more people like this guy.

18 03 2012
Andrew justin miller

Wow that is soooo cool ..did you ever find away to put the clovers in acrylic if you did please call me 919 323 5201

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